If you collected EVERY MS70 American pure silver eagle dollar minted in the US since 1986 (@ $100 per coin) you'd have a total investment of $44,400, but that collection of coins is worth around $1.2M today?

So, imagine a much rarer series of silver eagles in all 50 United States???
Investing in precious metals???

These are the Important questions to ask!

  • New coins vs Old Coins
  • Bullion vs Collector Coins

The differences will shock you!

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Invest in Your Future With Precious Metals and Cryptocurrency

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Investing in Crypto has been a high-risk, high-reward way to potentially earn wealth. Precious metals have been a proven method with low risk and high reward. Palmer Consulting Group wants to help you understand your investment options with cryptocurrency and precious metal investing. Most people don't know much about Cryptocurrency buying is high risk and mining is not. We offer free cryptocurrency educational seminars in Indian Harbour Beach, FL so that you can learn the difference. Optimize and diversify your portfolio with Palmer Consulting. You can join one of our free events to learn the basics of cryptocurrency mining, ask questions and hear the personal investment story of our seminar coordinator.

7k Metals is an exclusive rare coin club that works off an invitation only basis. Call Palmer consulting to find out if you qualify.

We don't advise. We teach.

The main goal of Palmer Consulting Group is to help curious investors learn about cryptocurrency and precious metal investing. We don't tell you what to do with your money. We simply explain the ins and outs of cryptocurrency so you can have a better idea of what you're getting into.
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Over to the right, you will see just some of the amazing coins available exclusively through the 7k membership.

  • Collect all 12 of the rare Roman series! Only 500 minted in each coin! The complete set will be priceless in the future!
  • Collect all 50 of the United States in .999 pure Gold coins! Only 5,000 minted in each state!
  • Pure .999 Silver American eagles, collect all 50 United States!

Financial Healing Based on Saving Money Through Precious Metals

We provide information about cryptocurrency and sell collectible coins

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all investments are done at your own risk